About Me


An introduction or. an about me page always scares me the most as it is normally the first thing people read about you. I wanted to add in all the good bits but also not make it seem as though my whole life is a perfect dream.

I’m Hannah. 24. Currently living in the seaside city of Brighton.

A Mother to two wonderful boys, Dexy Jude and River Wylde. I would say how they both drive me crazy and are similar or not in ways but the sad truth is that I can’t. Dexy was stillborn in January of 2018. A silent birth for a loud little life. A little boy whose name has travelled the world and helped/ brought comfort to so many. My guiding light. Dexy taught me a lot and over many blogs, rants, late-night thoughts I hope he teaches you the same too.

My life is full of adventures I never imagined or wanted too but now I have grown to love my life the way it is and how it has come about. I hope that you will stay here, read my posts, share my happiness, cry with me and fall in love with my family.

For whatever reason you are here, I am here too. We are in this together.

Sending my love, strength and some seaside sun,

Hannah xoxo