My Top 10 Newborn Products.

I get messaged and asked a lot about what my top baby products are. Honestly it is FOREVER changing. One day I need something else more and that becomes my go to. I have composed a list below of “My Top 10 Newborn Products.” These are listed in no order. These are 10 things that I have found to be amazing with River and want to share with you all. I will post the link to where you can find these products online if you wish to check them out further.

  1. “Vital Baby Health And Safety Kit”
    I brought this little kit when I was pregnant with Dexy because I was looking for a room thermometer and had no idea where to start looking. When I first saw it I thought how handy it is that it comes is a hard plastic container that I can store not just the products that came in it but I could find a million and one other things I could store in it. In this kit you get three items.

    First off you get the room thermometer which also coverts into a bath thermometer. So one I make sure that the bathroom is warm enough I don’t have to press anything and I just chuck it into the water and it changes to update the temp. On top of the little digital display is a reminder of the ideal bath temperature and room temperature. I found this really helpful to remind myself as you have so much information running through your head that anything that helps you remember is amazing. If the water is too hot it flashes red which you will not be able to miss. The only negative I can think of is you have to tap the little display screen pretty hard and in the right place to get it to turn on. It took me about 4/5 goes to figure out where I needed to tap it and now I have it mastered (Phil not so much).

    Secondly you get an under the armpit body temperature thermometer. I haven’t used this. The reason why I haven’t used it is because I brought an in ear thermometer about a week before I found this kit so I have no use for it. Plus getting a baby to hold their arm still enough to take it is going to be a challenge. The other reason (Touch wood) is I haven’t needed too. I’m sure I will when he gets a little older or was like a second reading on a different one just to double-check he is okay. It also has a memory setting so you can re check their temperature over the course of the day to see if it has gone up or down.

    Lastly in this little box of goodies there is a nasal decongester. River is a bit sicky and loves to have sick coming out of his nose (gross I know, he gets it from his dad… He does the same). This means after a while if he doesn’t sneeze it out after it clogs it up a bit and there is nothing more satisfying than getting it out, trust me. it goes from sounding like he is snoring to perfectly clear breathing. Game changer. you just squeeze, pop the little tip slightly up the nostril and release… It gets it all out. It is more satisfying than pimple popping videos.

  2. “Gro Bag”
    I was lucky enough to be gifted one of these by Gro when I was pregnant with River. I was really excited about trying it out as everyone talks about how much they love them. Now if you have seen my photos of River then you will see that this kid does not stay still for anything. If I tuck him in with blankets he just wiggles and moves around so he ends up kicking them off and then I fear that he will get cold or something will happen. So this really is a god send when it is bed time. He keeps warm, can kick his legs around as much as he likes, his arms are free and above all it is safe. I have tagged a similar one below, it is just a different pattern.

  3. “MAM Bottles”
    River has really bad colic to the point where his screams end up destroying your ear drums. When he was in hospital he has the one time use ready-made formula bottles these were handy but they took forever for him to drink because he was using all his strength to suck through the tiniest amount and would fall asleep half way through. When we first got home we had only brought the “Leading Brand” of bottles beginning with “T”. He hated them. They made his colic a million times worse. I remember seeing something about these “MAM” bottles and everyone raving about them. I went deep end in and ordered a whole set of them. Right from the first feed they were a hit! He was in nowhere near as much discomfort and he was less windy (still farts like a trooper). They allow air to escape out the bottom which stops them taking down so much with the milk. They are also self sterilizing. Really bloody great. They take three minutes in the microwave each with a little water after being cleaned an BAM they are done. When I’m out and about as long as I can clean them and have access to a microwave then I am good to go. The best bottles EVER!!!!!

  4. “MAM Dummies”
    The same as the bottles River LOVES them. They are the perfect size for him and again they are self sterilizing. The case they come in is sterile for 48hrs after you put a little water in and 3 minutes in the microwave. This is so handy again because dummies get dropped all the time of touched and knowing that I can keep them in there before use for 48hours means I have them on hand when I’m out and if anything does happen I can just wash them and then chuck them in the microwave. When you’re out and about the less to worry about the better and these are stress free. Plus the night-time ones glow in the dark so its way harder to lose them in the moses basket at night.—NEW-DESIGNS-734.html#SID=58

  5. “Whisbear The Soothing Bird”
    White noise is my best friend with River and this little bird is designed so it is perfect for travel. I can put in near him in the car, in his pram and even on his bouncer without it taking up too much space. I was kindly gifted this by Whisbear and boy am I glad I was. River gets unsettled if he is windy and this just soothes him straight back to sleep. You can adjust the volume on it which if you are in a noisy place or stuck by road works it completely blocks out the noise meaning he will be undisturbed.

  6. “Ingenuity Bouncer”
    The vibration on this bouncer releases everything! From wind to relaxing him enough to have a poo. Whenever River is really fussy I just pop him in this with the vibration on and within about 2 minutes he is completely calm. I think it has magical powers or something. It also comes with two noise settings. It has nursery rhyme tunes to bob along too or it has a white noise setting. When they stop playing if River moves in the bouncer more than a little movement it starts it off again (saves the back from bending constantly to turn it back on). The toys above are also detachable.

  7. “Formula Dispenser”
    As we are formula feeding going out and about can be hard work making sure you have everything you need. You also do not want to be carrying around a massive tin of formula everywhere you go so having one of these makes it a lot easier to travel lightly. I just fill the 4 containers with the right amount of scoops that I use per oz feed and put it in my bag and go. The lid on it has a really good catch and has never come undone which is what I was worried about. It only stores 3 feeds which if your baby has their feed and is okay for a couple of hours until the next one then it is perfect for you. If your baby feeds little and often we also have a stack one that has 5 container parts which we sometimes take out with us. The lid rotates so you can access the next compartment.

  8. “In Ear Thermometer”
    Littles ones are guaranteed to pick up nasty germs every now and then so it is always best to be prepared for it. I brought this in ear thermometer when I was pregnant with Dexy and to be fair it has been used quite a bit. Not with River but with us when we have been in. In both of my pregnancies I got strep throat which I got a fever with so keeping track of that was made easy with this. It actually only takes seconds to get a reading and you can use the memory setting so you can track their fever. You need to buy the little in ear sleeves for it but other than that it is the easiest, fuss free thing to use.

  9. “Closer To Nature Bottle Warmer”
    A flask, the staple to any bottle feeding journey. This guy comes everywhere with me! I can use it to store boiling water in it for feeds or to warm up the bottles. The whole flask and jug thing join together so it is easily stored and can fit in your changing bag. It keeps the water hot for hours and super easy to clean and keep clean when out and about.

  10. “Foldable Changing Mat”
    When out and about you don’t want to put your baby on a bare public changing station so I got this little foldable travel mat. I keep the wipes, nappy bags and nappies all inside it and just fold it up and put it in my bag. I can fit a whole pack of 64 wipes, a handful of nappy bags and 6 nappies in it without it being too bulky and still able to close. So when I pick up River I can have him in one arm and the changing mat with everything secure in the other hand. It is a small so would only be suitable until I say about 6 months but right now it is just an essential in my changing bag.


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