Baby Loss Awareness Week.

I never in a million years thought I would be sat in Costa drinking a decaf coffee writing about why the 9th October – 15th October was so important to me because my son died. To be completely honest I had never even heard of this week until Dexy died and I think that is awful. It took my son dying to find out this week was so important for so many parents let alone now be a part of it. To be fair I didn’t think Dexy would die and that was shocking enough now I realise how naive and clueless I was about everything to do with baby loss in the past. Why isn’t it spoken about more. Why is it only now I have seen people posting about it because I follow bereaved parents but not one person before my life changed ever did? How is “Blow Job and Steak Day” a thing everyone knows about but not the fact that there is actually a whole week to raise awareness to something more real and more important than giving a guy head? I hate to be frank but I really think that day should be cancelled and this should be all over the internet and people messaging about this instead. It’s actually crazy to think about now isn’t it. If only I knew how blind I was and didn’t have to find out the hard way.

So what does this week mean to me? I don’t really know yet. It’s my first one and I have no idea what I have planned for the week to talk about baby loss. I mean I do have a few ideas and I spend most of my time talking about Dexy and it is aimed at parents so I might aim this weeks posts and blogs at people who are not part of this community but to help them understand more what it is like for us. As that is who we need to raise awareness too. I want to cover the topic of work and how you can support people returning back to work after a loss and I want to talk about how you can support someone in the initial stage of their baby dying. I also want to show some love to the people I find encouraging and who have helped me since Dexy’s death. May that be through a blog, book, Instagram or talking to them. Because without these parents I wouldn’t have started my blog, I would have talked so openly about life after loss and I wouldn’t have met pretty much all of you!

First on the list is my Q&A, if you follow me on Instagram you will know I love a good Q&A. I feel that it is a great opportunity for live interactions without me taking over and leading it. Parents are able to talk about their experiences and they reach out. People relate and I have never had bad feedback on them. I find them really helpful too because most of the things people say I am either going through or have gone through it. I actually really enjoy doing them. So right now on my Instagram I am holding a Q&A for people who haven’t gone through any type of Pregnancy/Baby Loss to ask what they would normally be afraid of or what they would like to know or even how they can help. This is also a great way to open up this discussion and to open people’s minds and what their conception is of our lives. Plus no question is a silly question and I like that. As always you can find the questions and answers incase you have missed them on my Instagram highlights on my profile.

So this is where I am starting or if you would like to say this is my plan for this week. To make this week about learning, understanding and breaking the silence around Baby Loss. I just wanted to start the beginning of this week with a little post to say I’m here and I’m ready to embrace this week however it comes.



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