Holiday Blues.

When anyone comes off a holiday they are always faced with the reality of life. I’m someone who suffers with major holiday blues as it is.

We had Blue Orbs in most of our photos.


How was our holiday?

There are no words to describe how peaceful our holiday started off as. The views from where we were staying were amazing! It was the sort of place you could imagine when you die of old age and dream of it. Every night we were greeted by a stunning sunset and it always made me emotional looking at it.

To be away from England was just what we needed. To get out of the country and just have time for us was truly deserved.

It was hot but not too hot. However, it did rain a couple of times but as soon as that went the sun was out in full force. Just to be known to people as Phil and Hannah and not the couple whose baby has died like we are recognised as here at home was relieving. I just wanted to be a 21-year-old on holiday with my husband and not scared of people’s judgements.

Why did we cut it short?

As much as we loved it there, we were greeted on Tuesday night with the harsh truth of what a bunch of 40-year-old men on a “lads” holiday were like. They were your standard brits on an all-inclusive stay with an unlimited supply of alcohol.

When people are drunk they lose control of what they say and how they behave but if you specifically target a young couple in amongst 15 other people I think you need a reality check. Don’t get me wrong when one of the men made degrading remarks about me I was pretty bloody angry. As I said to Phil yesterday, I could deal with being called ugly, fat, annoying but as soon as you call me something that is completely degrading for a woman and far from the truth may I add I’m not going to stand for it. People need to learn that it is not okay to call women sluts, whores, and slags. It is not okay, EVER.

A lot more happened and I called the police to get these “men” done for physical and verbal assault. But the police done nothing, instead Phil got threatened by the security guard that he would have the police called on him for protecting me.

So a bruised eye and arm later we decided to call it quits. We wanted to come home. We would not have been able to relax there or enjoy ourselves. So we booked the first flight available home.

What are we going to do now?

well as we are meant to be on holiday until saturday we are trying to get a partial refund on the days we have lost out on and that is looking okay at the moment.

Phil still has until monday off so we are going to enjoy ourselves. We might go on a day trip, we are definitely going to IKEA to get some new bedroom furniture and we are just going to chill. We never really get to spend time together as Phil is always working, if he’s at home he’s always on the phone to work, getting texts or reading emails. Even on his days off he still goes in (ergh) So the work ban is in order for the rest of the week!

Overall, the holiday was lovely for the few days we had of it and secretly we are glad to be home because we really missed Toby and being close to Dexy.



I have added some of our photos below:

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