Guest Blog.

Hi everyone, This isn't my usual rant but instead I done a guest blog over on noandroblog . It's all about breaking the silence and how we should be open about stillbirth. Have a read and let me know what you think. Thank you, Hannah x

Taking A Break.

Before you think I'm going to stop ranting online im not! I'm talking about taking a break on life. Whether that be being a full-grown hard-working adult or a grieving mother. Sometimes people assume that because you have lost a child your life should be focused around grieving and just basic function. The first time... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day.

When you imagine your first mothers day you expect to be woken up with flowers, a card, and your husband changing all the nappies for you. You expect to have your child here. When I found out I was pregnant with Dexy I couldn't wait to finally be a mum and wake up to him... Continue Reading →

Babies Are Everywhere.

One of the top questions people ask me is either "How do you feel seeing a baby?" or "Do you get upset seeing someone with a baby?". The answer is always going to be yes. It breaks my heart every time I see a baby on social media or when I am out. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

What Went Wrong?

If you follow me on social media you would have seen that I posted about going to the hospital today to find out why Dexy died and if there was anything that would affect my future pregnancies. Why did Dexy die? My appointment was at 2:30pm today and they were running a little late. To... Continue Reading →

8 Weeks to long

Dear Dexy, Yesterday marked 8 weeks since you were born. That's 8 weeks without you being here with me. 8 weeks since I first saw your little pink nose. 8 weeks since I have felt your soft skin. 8 weeks since the count down started for us to say goodbye. I never imagined I would... Continue Reading →

The First Of The Firsts

When someone you know passes away you always get told that the first year is always the hardest. You have the first birthday without them, the first Christmas and their first anniversary. Since Dexy has died I have prepared myself for our birthdays without him and mothers day. Well, I thought I had thought it... Continue Reading →

Carrying On As A Couple

How Did We Meet? Well around 3 years ago two lonely souls stumbled across a little app call Tinder... Now when you're desperate and lonely anyone floats your boat. Yes, including you Phil. Our first date some short Italian man turned up with a moustache bigger than his face and trousers up to his nipples. I... Continue Reading →

Am I Supported?

Since all of this has happened I have received nothing but support from people who I know and many people who have been through similar or knows someone who it has happened to. I am forever grateful for every message I have got and flowers we have received. Without that I don't think we would be... Continue Reading →

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